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One of the essential elements of the decor of the church is the profusion of religious texts that Abbé Lecoutre engraved and painted on the walls and ceilings. These texts are of varied origin and nature, in French and in Latin and represented in different forms. The main ones are:

- Liturgical prayers of the Gloria and the Sanctus in Latin painted on the ceiling of the nave and the tower in golden streamers surrounding crosses.

- The 10 commandments in a simplified form in French engraved and painted in red on the 6 side arches of the nave.

- Extracts in French from the “Proverbs” of the Old Testament painted in medallions and extracts in French from the “Beatitudes” of the Gospels engraved in marble medallions on the walls of the nave.

- Prayers for communion in Latin painted in Gothic letters on either side of the triumphal arch.

- A prayer (Neuvaines) to Saint Anne in French painted on the ceiling of her chapel.

There is also much to read in the church: names on the statues, the virtues on the pulpit and the high altar, words in the cul-de-lampe in the side chapels and even a phrase of blessing around the exit arch from the nave "May the Lord be with you"

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