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This chapel is dedicated to Saint Quentin to whom the church is dedicated. It has two bays like the chapel of Mary which faces it on the north side.


Its altar is the most monumental of those built by Abbot Lecoutre and it celebrates in a strong Gothic style the martyrs of the Faith such as Saint Quentin.

The altarpiece of the altar has in its center a statue of Saint Quentin surrounded on the left side by Saint Paul and Saint Denis and on the right side by Saint Fuscien and Saint Victorice, two of his mission companions who evangelized Saint-Omer.

On each side are represented four angels with the words Apostolis In catenis Victor which is translated as “to the apostles victorious in chains” and In clavis In flammis Triomphans which is translated as “triumphant in the nails, in the flames” .

The inscription Ora pro nobis written under each statue means “Pray for us”.

Four medallions represent the evangelists with their attributes and their names in Latin: Matthew and Mark on the left, Luke and John on the right.

At the base of the altar behind columns are represented figures of miracles.


The two windows depict the main episodes of the legend of Saint Quentin. See the biography of Saint Quentin on the site


At the bottom of the ceiling are inscribed “St Quentin” and “Pray for us”


On the ceiling of the chapel is the text of the Vespers hymn of Saint Quentin in Latin.

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