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The marble altar was sculpted by Abbé Lecoutre like all the chapel altars.

The base is divided into 3 parts by 4 columns. Each part looks like a chapel and contains stones brought back by the abbot from his trip to Jerusalem. The place of origin or reference of these stones is engraved in Latin: the left one is marked St John the Baptist, the middle one Saint Sepulcher and the right one Mont des Oliviers.

The upper part of the altar is decorated with bas reliefs:

  • in the center the paschal lamb,

  • on the left the birth of Jesus under the star of Bethlehem in the stable framed by the sacred heart with the cross and the crown of thorns on one side and on the other the cross with the pole carrying the vinegar sponge , the spear having pierced his side and the chalice having collected his blood,

  • on the right the entombment of Jesus framed by Jesus on the cross on one side and on the other the cross with a ladder and the pole carrying the vinegar sponge.

On the left wall there is a bas-relief depicting the chalice with wheat and grapes giving the bread and wine of the Eucharist.

On the right wall carved in Gothic letters the 11 promises made by Jesus to Saint Margaret.

In the cul-de-lamp on the ceiling are the words Jesus and Mercy.

The stained glass window of this chapel bears the name of their donor, Jean-Claude Lecoutre, eldest brother of the abbot and represents scenes from the life and passion of Jesus surmounted by a scene of the adoration of the Sacred Heart. It is surrounded by red painted representations of the Sacred Heart.

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