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Base chaire église Wirwignes .JPG

Father Lecoutre first modified the old wooden pulpit and then replaced it with a new marble pulpit. 

The sculpted pillar that supports it depicts the tree of good and evil rising from the flowering vegetation of the Garden of Eden.  Eve tempted by the serpent hands Adam the forbidden fruit which will cause their downfall. 

It is said at Wirwignes that Adam would have the features of a neighbor of the abbot and Eve, those of his cousin.

The pulpit is richly decorated in marble and gold leaf. The exterior of the staircase features bas-relief scenes and statues of Old Testament figures.

The pulpit itself is surrounded by statues of the Evangelists, Apostles and the names of Catholic virtues in bas-relief. 

The final figure depicted inside the pulpit is Jesus who completes the biblical path decorating the pulpit ascending from original sin to redemption. 

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