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In religious architecture, a triumphal arch is an arch that separates the nave and the chancel of a church.

Abbé Lecoutre modified the original arch by adding statues placed in niches.

Nave side from left to right:

Saint Francis de Sales, Saint Augustine, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Elisabeth of Hungary, Saint Thomas, Saint Joseph, Saint John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Saint Josse, Saint Bernard, Saint Stanislas, Saint Bruno, Saint Ide of Boulogne, Saint Jerome, Saint Francis of Assisi


Side choir from left to right: Saint Cécile, Saint François-Xavier, Sainte Barbe, Saint Ambroise, Saint Roch, Saint Ignace, Saint Etienne, an angel, Saint Valentin, Saint Antoine, Saint Charles, Saint Grégoire, Sainte Radegonde, Saint Ignace of Loyola, Saint Agatha.


Two prayers linked to the Eucharist are painted on each side of the arch:

On the side of the nave: a prayer from the Gospel of Saint John (Chapter 6 verse 51)

Ego sum panis vivus qui de caleo descended; si quis manducaverit ex hoc pane vivet in aeternum

"I am the living bread that came down from heaven; if anyone eats this bread, he will live forever"


On the side of the choir: a prayer from the "Lauda Sion" of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Ecce panis angelorum factus cibus viatorum, vere Panis filioforum non the inscription is incomplete and should end with “mittendis canibus

"Here is the bread of the angels become the food of those who are on the way; real children's bread (not to be thrown to the dogs)".

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